Recommender systems are an Artificial Intelligence technology that has become an essential part of business for many industries and businesses. Recommender Systems (RSs) are software tools and techniques providing suggestions for items to be of use to a user. The system learns from a customer and recommends products that she will find most valuable from among the available products. They serve many types of E-commerce applications, from direct product recommendation for an individual to helping someone find a gift for a third party. Recently the world of the web has become more social and more real-time. Facebook and Twitter are perhaps the exemplars of a new generation of social, real-time web services and we believe these types of service provide a fertile ground for recommender systems research. Read More

The past couple of years have witnessed an overall declining trend in crime rate in the United States. This, in part, is attributable to the improvement in law enforcement strategies especially the inclusion of computer-aided technology for effective and efficient deployment of police resources. These advancements have been complemented by the availability of a vast amount of data and the capability to handle them. Many police departments have turned to data science to translate these bytes into actionable insights. Ranging from trend reports and correlation analyses to aggregated behavioral modeling, the developments in the field of crime analysis have paved the way for predictive policing and strategic foresight. Read More