How to Fix WordPress Bugs

WordPress is a powerful and prolific platform for different kinds of web applications, but sometimes, it can drive us a little crazy.
While it’s incredibly user-friendly in general, everyone has dealt with their share of WordPress bugs. Not fun.
Luckily, there are tons of ways you can solve these problems—some by doing some basic troubleshooting of your own.
The important thing here is to understand the source of the problem as most WordPress issues stem from relatively small and easy-to-deal-with issues. Once you get that sorted, you’ll successfully have your WordPress website back to normal.
In this guide, we’ll show you how you can identify and fix WordPress errors easily and effectively. The following measures can be taken:

1. Install a Cache Plugin.
2. Install WordPress Updates Regularly.
3. Avoid Editing Your Site in Live Mode.
4. Update the Host PHP.
5. Take a Backup of Your Site.
6. Get a Reliable Web Hosting Provider.
7. Clear Your Cache. ... 8. Keep an Eye on Your WordPress Plugins and Themes.
9. Scan for Malware and Backdoors
10. Put WordPress Debugging System in place

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