Effective Time Management

Do you wish there are more hours to the day? Do you think you could achieve so much more if not for the time? Do you your time determine when you take action or do you determine what time you take actions? Well, it's not about the little time, it's about proper time management.

Most times we wonder how some people make so much in so little a time. 20 years old already professionals in their field, and we sit and feel bad, thinking that they are more privileged than you or maybe you just don't have support or enough capital.

Do you think of starting a project or a business or maybe you are planning to learn a skill, but you think you are too busy or have a lot in your hands already? Have you considered the time you are spending with respect to what you are gaining from it? Unfortunately, we think that MONEY is the most important capital we need. But it is not. The most valuable capital we need is TIME.

"If you can create time, you can create money"

--Prevail Excellent Ejimadu

24 hours a day is what we all have, yet some 'selected few' make it more the rest. What do they do that others don't? The secret is Time Management and Effective Planning.
Time management is a better skill than money management, because the latter is a result of the former. How you manage your time determines how much you can achieve. Managing your time requires strictness, discipline and well laid plans.

In the course of seven articles, we will look at 7 great ways to manage your time for effectively. The first one will be Time Log
USING A TIME LOG: You have to analyze how you spend your time everyday, and you can do this by using a time log. You time log can be a calendar, a diary or a jotter. Recording the activities you carry out every minute might be impractical, but dividing it into 20 minute intervals and keeping your honesty to yourself can greatly help you know what eats up your time daily and if it’s worth it. A time log is really simple and but immensely valuable.

How to use a time log: Divide your time into thirty-minute units, from 6am to 9pm, pit it up somewhere that is always accessible to you. After every thirty minutes, go to your time log and Write a brief summary of what you’ve done in that thirty minutes. You may also do that at every hour.

Using a time log to track your actions and activities for 7 days, and evaluating it will help you discover the trend pattern of your time. You will discover there are many interruptions or undue priorities that hamper your effectiveness. Others might include addiction to , hoarse assignments, procrastination, misguided communications, and some unused blocks of time which you can invest into something meaningful.

Now let’s see some time wasters
Procrastination: Procrastination the ‘allegedly’ thief of time is in truth no thief, for you can’t procrastinate without your consent. Procrastination is postponing that activity that you can do today for tomorrow. Are their activities you dislike, but they are essential ? Do you deliberately avoid tasks?

Can you take a minute to answer these questions truthfully
I procrastinate because
The task is very difficult? yes/no
The task is time-consuming? yes/no
The task is too big? yes/no
I don’t know where to start the project from? yes/no

There are several things you can do to stop procrastinating

Just get started. I will always tell people to ‘Just Start,” when you start things might just become clearer and hence easier.

Make the right priority: When that project or task is your priority, you tend to take it very serious, and if that task doesn’t deserve to be priority, then eliminate it from your list.

Set fair deadlines for the project or activity.
Your time is a priceless commodity and it’s your biggest capital, and if you don’t invest it well, you are wasting scarce resources. You can become whatever you want if you commit a good effort and enough time to it.

In the next post, we will see another time waster, then we will talk about the second surest way of managing your time, which is Prioritization. Watch this space and Subscribe to get notifications on our latest updates.

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