How to win customers' loyalty in business?

Every success minded entrepreneur whether sole or corporate doesn't want to lose his/her customer. Customer's loyalty is/are paramount for business progress. The more your old customers keep coming back to you shows that you have built a bridge of trust which money cannot buy. These trust can even out-live the owner(s) of the business. It becomes imperative that we identify some certain elements/ingredients that makes your customer keep coming back. However, Businesses need to leverage customer data—including transactions, online traffic, social media data and lifestyle details to learn more about their buyers’ interests and purchase behavior. Thus, to achieve this, the following steps must be considered.

1. Make a Clear Value Propositions - Loyalty is all about catering the needs of your customers. This means that you must have an unreserved value for your clients. Once people identify you value them, they will submit to you.

2. Engage your Customers - Communication is essential in business relationships. In order to command interest from the customers, it is very necessary that you keep them engaged

3. Get Customers Feedback - Conducting Weekly, monthly or annual survey is very necessary in business practices. This helps you to get first hand information about how your customers think about you and your product. The survey should be in the form of quiz or questionnaire. Sometimes, it is good to reward those who participated in the survey process.

4. Encourage and motivate your team - As an entrepreneur, you can't do the work alone. Your team are the face-lift of your business. They need motivation and encouragement. this could be in form training either outdoor or indoor, rewards, positive remarks in staff meetings etc. Your employees may have direct contacts with your clients without your consent. When you motivate them, they will speak good of your business before others. Good works cannot be hidden.

5. Take responsibility for your Actions -  Avoid blame games. Always take responsibilities for your actions. Don't levy it on anyone. Accept your wrongs and ask for apology when needed. Remember the customer is always right. In difficult situations like delayed delivery of projects or goods due to some technical reasons, don't hesitate to offer apology.